Project With relies on its passionate, experienced nonprofit partners, funders and government entities to add depth and capacity to our programming. If you’re interested in partnering with Project With in your community, please contact our team

Urban Strategies

Urban Strategies, LLC is a social enterprise founded in 2003 with the desire to improve the health, educational, social, and economic condition of our marginalized populations. We believe that by connecting, resourcing, and equipping grassroots organizations, the lives of vulnerable children and families will dramatically improve. We achieve our mission by delivering transformational outcomes in hard-to-reach communities. 

Community Support Services Organization (CSSO)

CSSO, is a non-profit organization in Los Angeles County that owns and operates Camp Eaton. The camp and nonprofit works with at-risk youth and their families to develop leadership abilities to enhance character, resilience, and confidence. As a trusted community-based organization, CSSO has 15 years of experience bringing about positive life-changing outcomes for youth in alternative education, court-involved youth, and teen parents. CSSO has provided key system-impacted facilitators that have ensured that the lessons are culturally adapted to our target population and who have implemented and tested the curriculum with our target population.

Homies Unidos

Homies Unidos works to end violence and promote peace through gang prevention, promoting human rights for immigrants, and empowering youth by providing positive alternatives to gangs. For 14 years, the organization has successfully brought about positive change for gang-involved and incarcerated youth. Homies Unidos, founded in Los Angeles, is led by residents with a history of gang involvement and incarceration, who are trusted, authentic role models. The organization runs re-entry programs that prepare youth for release, help them set and achieve goals, offers case management, peer support, and trains formerly incarcerated youth for living-wage jobs. Homies Unidos has provided key system-impacted facilitators that have ensured that the lessons are culturally adapted to our target population and who have implemented and tested the curriculum with our target population.

Dibble Institute

The Dibble Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that promotes relationship training for youth—especially in the context of dating and romantic connections. Their goal is to help young people build a foundation for healthy romantic relationships now and for lasting, positive family environments in the future. Dibble’s teaching materials are used nationwide in classrooms, social agencies, community groups, and other youth settings. 

LA County Probation

Los Angeles County Probation’s Residential Treatment Services Bureau oversees juvenile detention in facilities known as Youth Camps that provide treatment services to youth who have been ordered to Camp Community Placement. The goal of the residential detention programs is to reunify the minor with their family, reintegrate them into the community, and to assist them in developing the social and behavior management skills needed to lead a law-abiding life. Urban Strategies entered into a non-financial MOU that allows for the implementation of Project With at these youth camps.


A nonpartisan, nonprofit research, development, and service agency working with education and other communities throughout the United States and abroad for five decades, WestEd aims to improve education and other important outcomes for children, youth and adults. WestEd has joined Project With as our Independent Evaluator who will lead the research design and implementation of a summative evaluation to measure the overall impact with our target population.

The Office of Population Affairs (OPA)

The OPA in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, administers the Title X family planning program, the Teen Pregnancy Prevention program, the Pregnancy Assistance Fund program, and the embryo adoption program. OPA advises the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary for Health on a wide range of topics, including adolescent health, family planning, sterilization, and other population issues. 

YNOT Movement

YNOT Movements‘ mission is to provide effective peace mediation to all the communities, families, and individuals in times of crisis; in order to reduce violence, raise the quality of living, and to preserve life

Boys Republic

Boys Republic is a private, nonprofit, nonsectarian school and treatment community for troubled youngsters. Since its founding in 1907, it has guided more than 32,000 at-risk teenage boys and girls toward productive, fulfilling lives. On its central school and farm in Chino Hills, California, and in residential and day treatment centers in other communities, Boys Republic and its companion program, Girls Republic, help children in desperate need find within themselves the resources and skills to begin meaningful lives on their own.

Eggleston Youth Centers

Eggleston Youth Centers, Inc., established in 1974, is a licensed, non-profit, social service agency serving children, youth and families in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. We continue to create comprehensive programs to assure that every child and adult in our community can find the resources needed. Eggleston provides a wide range of services including Short-Term Residential Treatment, Behavioral Health, Substance Use Disorders, Foster Care and Adoption Services.

Juvenile Justice Advocates of California

Juvenile Justice Advocates of California – Our mission is to advocate for youth in California as gang experts in criminal/juvenile proceedings in the Juvenile Justice System and by providing trauma/healing informed care as an alternative to punishment and incarceration as credible messengers with lived experience. We provide trauma and healing-informed care and treatment, as well as one on one mentoring for those navigating the criminal/juvenile justice system and those who desire lifestyle changes from criminality and gang involvement.

Futuro Now

Futuro NowFuturoNow exists to stand in the gap for community and faith-based organizations that do not have access to the large number of resources provided through state and federal funding streams. FuturoNow acts as a bridge to these funding streams by applying for funds so that Latino-based organizations can replicate evidence-based programs and bring transformational outcomes to their communities. FuturoNow is a collaboration between The East Los Angeles Community Union (TELACU) and Urban Strategies, LLC.

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